Radio Presenter gives birth live on air

by - February 23, 2018

A radio presenter, Cassiday Proctor, who presents a morning show on The Arch radio station in St Louis, decided to “share all aspects of [her] life with her listeners” by welcoming her first child live on air through caesarean earlier this week.

Despite the baby being breech and requiring a Caesarean section, Cassiday who gained permission from the hospital, was adamant that her listeners wouldn’t miss a minute of her son’s birth. She asked a hospital employee to hold up a phone, so her listeners could hear her and her husband welcome their baby son into the world during the morning radio show.

"There he is!" Proctor’s husband, Jerry, can be heard exclaiming on air, as newborn Jameson is born.

On the live birth experience, the radio presenter told BBC;

It was amazing to be able to share the most exciting day of my life with our radio listeners.

It’s an extension of what I already do every day on our radio show as I share all aspects of my lift.

When asked whether she was nervous about broadcasting her son’s birth on air, she answered "the only part I was nervous about was bringing a child into the world."

Cassiday further revealed that of the 400 name suggestions her and her husband received, some were great, but others like “Fredbird” and “StanTheMan” were a definite no.

And of her choice to share the moment with her listeners, Cassiday told KSDK: “To know that they were there for the ride was pretty special.”

Cassiday’s co-host Spencer Graves agreed. He told The Independent: “Cassiday took everybody on this journey so ultimately the birth is the payoff.

They heard the ups and the downs and this week was the culmination of this all, Graves said.

Baby Jameson was born weighing 7lb 6oz and will likely be a natural on the radio when he grows up – as his cries after he was born showed off an impressive audio range.

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