Lady blasts Nigerians after scammed by a fake actor Van Vicker

An American lady and Facebook user, Kimberly Sanchez, who was scammed by an online friend, who used Ghanaian actor, Van Vicker’s profile for the act.

According to Kimberly, the scammer begged for help and she helped out. However he came back to beg for more, revealing his intents to her. 
Here’s what she wrote;

This is why people have so much shit to talk about Nigerians or Ghanaians because those motherfuckers are money hungry… I was just told that this guy that I knew as an African celeb was actually a cat fish, he asked me for help and I did help him now this motherfucker confessed who he was and said he did what he did for money and then asking me to forgive him, bitch, you mean to tell you can’t find a job? You have to come online acting like an actor just to get people money? Do you even think of those women or men that has children? That’s so fucked I see why most call Nigerians or African scammers, y’all really do love scamming people..that’s so fucked up and wrong..smh

However when asked if she was sure of what she was saying, she wrote;

Listen I know what I saw ok I know it was van vicker maybe I come across the real then fake ones cause there’s so much profiles on him

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