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by - February 25, 2018

Are you a property owner? Are you looking for tenants or buyers? Are you looking to acquire or rent an apartment, home or office space? Search no more as this article will give you details of the best Real Estate companies in Nigeria.

Getting the right deal most times often seems difficult and dealing with the best real estate companies goes beyond having the right negotiation skills.

One of the most important factors when making real estate related decisions is your budget. This is why the best real estate firms are not just those that are after sales or commission, but those that offer you excellent advisory service.

You would need to communicate your payment method to the real estate company you’re dealing with and see to it that both parties are in agreement.

Ideally, the best real estate companies don’t just sell or lease properties; they are responsible for meeting all of their clients’ real estate needs, keeping them satisfied even long after the deal has been closed.

Real estate companies that offer this kind of service have gained a reputation of excellent service delivery and it is based on these factors that we have carefully selected these real estate companies. They are known to not just provide quality service; they’ve also deliver the best real estate deals consistently over the years.

Below is a complete list of the top 10 real estate companies in the Nigeria based on our Review.

1. Sujimoto construction

Sujimoto is the fastest growing real estate company in Nigeria, located in Ikoyi Lagos. Its marvelous designs and deals have left everyone even social media amazed. With dedication to spur a change, with an obligation to bridge the gap in the provision of exceptional luxury structures all over Nigeria with Lagos as a start up point with vision of transforming one of man’s basic requisite (shelter) into desirable masterpieces with its hallmark of quality. Currently on a project that would be the best, biggest and most luxurious penthouse in Nigeria.

Its very young C.E.O, has indeed given the real estate business a younger and more innovative touch. It is the leading real estate company for world class penthouses.

2. Jide Taiwo & Co

Founded in 1980 by Jide Taiwo, a professional estate manager, this company has managed to stay on of the games despite the changes in the real estate industry over the years. With 22 offices across the nation, JTC is a household name in Nigeria.

They offer valuation services for institutions, individuals and corporate organizations. This service extends to assets in the marine, aviation and rail industries. JTC is also involved in valuation of the master plan of city projects and individual plots.

They are involved in facility and project management and development. They have a proven track record in managing complex and large portfolio. This is why they enjoy patronage from both the public and private sectors.

JTC also provide advisory service to both the public and private sectors. For instance, they offer advice in the area of debt recovery where real estate is involved.

They lease and sell properties ranging from hotels, filling stations, malls to regular residential and commercial assets.

3. Cadwell limited

With a focus on luxury apartments, homes, offices, Cadwell Ltd have been on the real estate scene for almost two decades. This company is one of the top real estate companies in Nigeria.

Although, Cadwell is an indigenous firm, they exhibit a touch of class that rivals even global brands. Their properties are mainly in the high brow area of Lagos particularly Ikoyi and Victoria Island.

Their project portfolio is quite impressive and they basically cater for a high-end clientele.

Generally, they are involved in property development and management; marketing and sales of real estate products; as well as facility maintenance. Cadwell promises clients 100% occupancy of their properties for those looking to lease their properties.

However, their cutting edge approach to facility management makes them the real estate company of choice in this regard.

4. Primrose Development Company

PDC is a real estate company that has been in the Nigerian property market for over 30 years. They are focused on identifying real estate opportunities and conducts design, feasibility analysis and project management.

They have a world class management team and they are known for developing tailor made and innovative sales and marketing strategies for their products.

Their properties are located in the high brow areas of Lagos like Ikoyi and Victoria Island.

Due to their longevity in the industry, they have deep-seated relationship with key players in the real estate industries as well as state authorities.

They are also involved in providing corporate social responsibility to communities in which they do business by proffering solution to the welfare of these communities

They have a diverse property portfolio in excess of $150 million. They offer property and facility management through their collaboration with Alpha Meads Facilities and Management Services Limited.

5. Primewaterview Limited

This top real estate company is one of the major players in the luxury property and development sector, particularly in the high brow area of Lagos namely Ikoyi, Lekki and Victoria Island.

Primewaterview Limited is starting to enter property markets in other locations. These include places like Ofada/Mowe in Ogun state as well as the Onireke and GRA parts of Ibadan.

They are holistic in their approach to real estate and their experience in the industry enables them to provide services ranging from land survey, design, construction and project management service to clients. Additionally, they are actively involved in helping individuals and clients buy or sell real estate properties.

6. Cortts Real Estate And Property Development Company

Located in the Lekki Peninsula in Lagos State, Cortts is one of the leading real estate firms, providing professional property marketing, consulting and development services to their diverse clients in the residential and commercial property markets.

Cortts provides professional property development and real estate consultancy services for diverse clients in both the private and public sectors.

They are experts in project management and they are mainly involved in properties around the Ikoyi and Victoria Island parts of Lagos.

However, they are not limited to these parts, they undertake proper development and provide real estate consultancy in other parts of the country. They also have a robust marketing strategy that helps them sell properties to prospective clients.

7. King’s Court Realtors

King’s Court is located in Victoria Island in Lagos. They are quite experienced in the property market and their website has a blog that provides the latest real estate news which keeps you informed on happenings in the industry.

King’s Court has an international office which gives them access to an unreached clientele base outside looking to invest in the property market in Nigeria.

This real estate firm is known for providing high quality service. They develop, manage, lease and sell properties in the Nigerian real estate sector. They are also involved in property and facility maintenance services where they manage shopping centers, residential portfolios and office complexes.

8. Adron Homes and Property

This company intends to be the leading pan-African real estate development company. Adron has over 4000 acres of property in places ranging from Abuja, Lekki, Ikorodu, Shimawa and Ota.

Their promo and discount offers as well as their flexibility in payment make them the real estate company of choice among middle and low-income earners.

9. Fine and Country

Fine and Country is a global real estate brand that is seen among their peers as a luxury brand providing premium service.

They provide real estate research, advisory and analysis. Fine and Country work with a diverse clientele base of buyers, sellers, developers and investors offering excellent real estate investments.

Their eye-catching website and alluring subscription box shows an aspect of their marketing prowess. They are known to advertise their property in national and international publications.

They have a plethora of awards to their name which is based on their excellent service delivery.

Overall, they are experts in real estate marketing and their association with top individual and corporate brand further cements their place as one of the topmost real estate firms in the country.

10. Landmark Corporate Realty (LCR)

LCR prides themselves as the number 1 real estate investment firm in the country. Their signature product is the Queens Park Estates located in Simawa (Ogun), Ofada (Ogun), Isheri(Lagos) And Abuja.

They offer very flexible payment plans and they seem to be a favorite among low and middle income earners. Their pricing plan makes it easy for this class of people to easily own property.

However, they are not limited to just individuals, they also have corporate clients

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