Lions attack a vehicle with two children in the backseat

by - February 22, 2018

A woman’s car was left damaged after a pride of charging lions jumped on top of her vehicle at a safari park with her two children in the back seat.

Abi Tudge, 23, and a friend became shut in the lion enclosure at West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley, Worcestershire, when the rangers closed the gates for safety on Wednesday.

The pair, who had two children in the back seat, became trapped in the section for around 50 minutes as wardens tried to deal with the ‘agitated’ and ‘aggravated’ animals.

But they were left stunned when the pack suddenly bolted for a female and leapt on top of the car, leaving behind dents and scratches.

Abi, of Hereford, said they were left feeling shaken and feared the car’s windows could have been smashed by the animals, which can weigh up to 30 stone.

She added:

We were so shaken up and trying to make sure the children were OK The rangers were in their vehicle, but nowhere near the lions.

Abi’s friend, a carer, who did not want to be named, filmed the footage, and said:

It was the last thing you’d expect to happen on a causal day out. We could see as we got into the enclosure that the lions were making a lot of noise, and that a few of them were wrestling with one another. They were dashing around after one another – I think there was a female that they were trying to chase. The employees weren’t able to open the gates to let us out because of the disturbance.

Then, out of nowhere, a load of them darted towards my car and started jumping all over it. It was a real shock, but I knew that I couldn’t scream because it would upset the children. I think they were just running from one place to the other, and my car happened to be an obstacle in their way, so they hurtled over it.

One of them went up on the bonnet, and another one managed to jump on the roof. They really got up close and personal. Eventually the gates opened so that we could get out, and we just carried on our day as normal.

The children were talking about it as we drove them back home, they found it absolutely hilarious and were really happy that they got to experience that. I think that the staff were amazing, I have to commend them for what they did. Their presence made us feel safe as it happened.

The only negative is the paw print dent on my car, but it looks really funny and will hopefully be easy to fix. I’m due to take the car in for a service later this week, so they’re going to think I’m bonkers when I try to explain that to them.’

[Daily Mail]

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